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This incredible blend of 4 of natures most powerful superfoods, used on a daily basis, is sure to brings about a massive improvement in health, mobility, wellbeing, calmness, elimination of inflammation, joint movement, skin condition, to name a few of the benefits. The days of feeding unfit, unpalatable food to our pets, and the shocking levels of cancer deaths in dogs, (over 60%), are coming to an end, as we, the pets parents embrace the tremendous benefits of nutritional developments like 'HELP!'. Just as we learn more about healthier choices for ourselves, we can share these new found discoveries with our beloved fur babies, and give them the best, healthiest and prolonged life that they deserve. We all deserve every bit of 'HELP!' we can get, to live a fit, energetic, mobile and sickness free life. Get 'HELP!' now!

HELP! is a superfood blend of Ocean Pure organically harvested  Canadian kelp, organic spirulina  and turmeric, that makes an unbeatable ‘Power Packed’ supplement’

If ‘HELP!’ is GOOD for people, it’s GOT to be great for your pet! 

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LΩve yourself and your pets to good health, with a little HELP! every day!


'HELP!; is a superfood blend of organically harvested Canadian kelp, organic spirulina and turmeric, making an unbeatable powerpacked supplement that is the best that nature can offer'


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  • With the growing awareness among pet parents of the serious dietary deficiencies in some supermarket pet foods, as well as the increasing evidence of the use of carcinogenic additives, it is little wonder that we are all concerned about the wellbeing of our pets. Recent evidence has come to light in a very informative and enlightening documentary titled ‘The Truth About Pet Cancer' that states well over 60% of dogs die from cancer. A staggering rate, but not surprising considering the ingredients used in the making of pet food, particularly dog and cat biscuits. Would you feed your family a meal made with condemned beef? Or spray the children’s tea with rancid fat collected from a deep-fat fryer? Or serve biscuits made with empty grain hulls swept from a factory floor? Because that’s what we do to our dogs. The unpalatable truth is that if you give your dog processed dog food – dried, tinned or in a pouch – you may be feeding them substances that cause them serious, possibly fatal, harm.

Dyes, emulsifiers, corn starch, bits of coloured offal, corn syrup, wheat, stabilisers, the horror list goes on, and the pet food industry advertising juggernaut continues to deceive pet owners into believing we are giving our pets, our four legged family members, healthy food. http://www.poisonedpets.com/alert-vets-warn-about-new-treats-from-china-poisoning-dogs/

In fact we are slowly killing them, and depriving them and ourselves, of an extended life of mobility, energy, companionship, fun and play.

The big businesses selling us processed dog food use ingredients unsuitable for human consumption – and unsuitable, in my view, for canine consumption.

The big dog food manufacturers are knowingly shortening the lives of millions of dogs a year. 



They make vast profits from something that would otherwise be thrown away. It is a consumer scandal waiting to happen.

We all know there is a connection between our diet and health. The same applies to dogs, and every other species on the planet.

We seem to have long held the idea that our dogs in particular, can survive a lousy diet of fatty scraps, plain, boring, dry biscuits coloured to look like meat, dog rolls of compressed and dyed offal, and that we can expect them to give us a full and happy life of companionship in exchange for a lifestyle of garbage food.

We are quickening that day when we suffer the most awful of painful losses, made all the worse by having to make a decision to end the suffering of our beloved pet, and being forced to say goodbye sooner than we expected, because of arthritis, cancer, or organ failure.

Thankfully, an ever increasing number of pet parents are meeting the reality that our pets need and deserve the best diet we can give them, certainly in a way that ensures they get a broad daily spectrum of nutrients that will keep their joints supple and well lubricated, their bones strong, their digestive system working properly, and their hearts pumping strongly well into old age, pain free and happy.

That’s where ‘HELP!’ comes in.    The unique and balanced combination of hemp seed fibre, kelp, and turmeric, is a powerful boost to the immune system, a daily input of anti inflammatory properties that protects from arthritis, improves overall health and maintains great condition.

The list of nutrients in ‘HELP!’ is absolutely huge, and daily use cannot fail to bring about better health.

We now have, in a convenient 600g or 1kg pack, the means to give our pet a vast range of superfoods that will ‘HELP!’ alleviate many of the health problems so frequently discussed in social media by caring pet parents. The distress and the expense combined, of facing ill health of our pet can be extremely upsetting and depressing, when all we want is to see them running around happy and content and pain free.

Sometimes, love is not enough and something more is needed, and that something is ‘HELP!’.

  • I created ‘HELP!’ because I couldn’t bear the thought of losing my beloved staffy, after she ruptured a cruciate ligament, and I couldn’t handle her being in pain and not having fun life. I was in shock when the vet told me I should have her put down. That meant pain for me too, and sadness and depression, and a sense of failure on my part. I’ve told Sally’s story in the ‘HELP!’ for Sally’ page. I’ve also posted a second account of my own experience of severe depression, in the ‘HELP!’ for People page, and how I used diet instead of medication to change everything, permanently and naturally. I succeeded in giving Sally a wonderful life and healing my own, as a result of the use of ‘HELP!’ on a daily basis. She is in fantastic condition and shows no sign of discomfort whatsoever, at nearly 8 years old. I’m so glad I rejected the first vet’s recommendation to have her put down! And I’m glad I got a second opinion too. I researched different foods that reduced inflammation, I looked at the ingredients in supermarket pet foods, and progressively improved the quality of food I give Sally.

As a result of that and my own research into the relationship between nutrition and mental health, I created a formula that combines a massive range of essential nutrients that can be used by people, for themselves and their pets, every day, with lasting results that can be life changing for pets and their two legged parents.

I called my product ‘HELP!’ because that is what it is. It helps everything. ‘HELP!’ has given me and my Sally a healthy and positive life, in every way.

Now I want to make it available to everyone, and at the same time use ‘HELP!’ to raise funds for dog welfare. Each sale of ‘HELP!’ will mean a donation of $1 goes into the Help Foundation, to build emergency funds for injured or abandoned dogs. We will be looking at a number of groups who do work in this regard.

More pet parents are taking more time over food preparation for their pets and are starting to question what is in the supermarket brands available.

Have a look at our video section, and check out my demo of how I use ‘HELP!’ with rice to create a superb and inexpensive superfood meal for your pet. And, if you too, have a special healthy meal that you use for your pet, please tell us about it in our feedback section.

If you have raw meat ideas we would love to know!

Also, the ingredients I use are exactly the same as what I use in my own food, with the exception of the raw meat of course.

The boundaries between human food and pet food are crossing over, as we learn about the benefits of turmeric, coconut oil, hemp seed oil, fish oil, kelp, spirulina, aloe vera, black seed oil, flax seed oil and so on. We now know that by adding many of these ingredients to our pets food, we can bring profound improvements in their health, and relieve them from years of suffering from painful ailments.

And of course the same goes for our own health, which is why I use ‘HELP!’ plus a set of other ingredients in my smoothies every day.

Take a look at my video on the use of ‘HELP!’ in smoothies, my yummy recipes, and in particular, my story and my journey of healing, surviving a suicide attempt, and fighting my way out of black, black depression, using diet.

You will find links to information about the relationship between emotional health and diet, especially Dr. Kelly Brogan’s videos.

The creation of ‘HELP!’ has been an extraordinary process packed with learning, spiritual growth, healing, grieving, creativity, fun, excitement, fear, self doubt along with an eye opening glimpse into a world of unlimited possibilities.

I want to encourage people who are suffering from depression, to let them know there is a way out of it, that doesn’t have to involve drugs or a daily ‘happy’ pill.

I’ve been there, believe me, I’ve walked the walk, dug deep, and found ‘HELP!’ in more ways than one. There is a healthy way out of that hellhole of despair.    

Any success story, when it comes to overcoming depression, needs to be shared, and I am truly proud to be able to share mine with you.

If my strategy can offer you some hope, some tools you can use, to find your way out of that terrible hell hole of hopelessness, then please try them. Please reach out, ask for help. People are waking up now, people are more aware, so there’s every chance of you getting a positive response.  If you know someone who is suffering from depression and you don’t know what to do, share this website with them.

If you are suffering and in despair, and you have no one who cares, or you feel embarrassed or ashamed, Write to Me. Share. I promise you I will hear you. Please don’t hide away  in shame.  I care. 

I’m very blessed to be able to offer a product that I know will ‘HELP!’ improve the health and wellbeing of anyone, as well as their pet.

‘HELP!’ is for pets and for people!

Available now in 600g and 1kg packs.