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HELP! is a superfood blend of New Zealand grown Omega Gold hemp seed fiber, and Ocean Pure organically harvested  Canadian kelp, that makes an unbeatable Power Packed’ supplement.

Natural Chicken that go Kreme


Hemp seed fiber contains high levels of omega oils, protein and fiber. It is highly palatable for all animals and contains: Excellent digestible fiber, “complete” protein, free from enzyme inhibitors, GM and heating free, and free from phytoestrogens. Hemp seed fiber is an incredibly beneficial superfood, second to none, and an excellent meat alterative.

Hemp seed, plus kelp, coconut oil, turmeric, spirulina and fish oil, added to food, all reduce inflammation from arthritis, and is an unequalled nutritional combination for pets and people. Hemp fiber also has the ‘satiation’ effect, meaning it creates a fuller feeling, and less need to eat volumes of food, making it an ideal way to shed weight. Hemp seed fiber is a fantastic food source. Hemp is a superbly versatile plant, environmentally ideal for food production and a huge range of other uses. In New Zealand, our own home grown hemp seed fiber is about to be approved for human consumption, as it is in Australia and other countries, so we can truthfully say this is more than a  pet supplement. It is a superfood for people too.  We at “Help Health”  all use our own product in our daily smoothies and have done for a long time. We enjoy excellent health as a result.

Ingredients & Nutrition


CONTENTS: 1kg of hemp seed fiber (90%) and pure kelp (10%) Keep pack sealed after use. Store in a cool dry place.   


Feeding Instructions

RECOMMENDED DAILY DOSAGE: small dogs up to 1 tblsp,  medium dogs up to 2 tblsp, large dogs up to 3 tblps. Sprinkle onto food and mix in. A tablespoon is approximately 10 grams, so each pack contains 50 servings of 20g. Cats up to one teaspoon.  Sally’s human consumes 4 tblsp per day in a morning smoothie.

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